MWO Open Beta Monday 29 Oct.

Beta opens in a few hours, some time Monday USA Pacific time, maybe its even open already, not sure.

Is the game ready? I think the core game is good, the matches are fun, flow well, there isn’t a lot of problems out there. I still think that the interface needs some work. Simple things like the TAB order when logging in could do with some tweaking.

The main thing that’s not yet been seen is the persistent galaxy. The game is meant to have us fighting for ownership of worlds, advancing the Houses. We haven’t seen how this will be implemented.

Open Beta doesn’t mean its finished, and MWO certainly isn’t. There are still things that have place holders (ECM and BAP for example), they’ve taken things away to tweak (like knockdowns), and they still have only one match format (Team Deathmatch). They say that Closed Beta has run it’s course, so I guess we’ll see how all the new people cope. There’s a lot of experienced pilots waiting to let loose on them. Hopefully they can add to the ideas that are still flowing through the forums, without getting disheartened by their defeats.

Big tip for the new folks …. in fact for any players…. get in a group, get talking.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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