MWO – Never give up

Miss 3 was doing a lot of not sleeping this morning from about 3am. So to occupy myself between periods of actual sleeping I logged into MWO for a few games.

Being 5am by this time none of the Corp were on, so I joined a group I found in Teamspeak and readied my LRM Catapault. We launched for the first game, and of course after the patch on Tuesday, all my video settings were default (it’s annoying post patch effect in MWO) so the first match was fought in a small window of about 800×600 pixels. I was quickly killed when a flanking attempt went horribly wrong and I ended up on the front line. Not where a support mech likes to hang out.

I sorted my screen settings and we picked up a full 8 person drop. Well that was until the drop… 3 people didn’t drop and we were 5 v 8 before the match even started. A lot of unhappy noises over Teamspeak as we saw what was happening! And the other team knows we only have 5 players as the roll displays for both sides.

Someone suggested an all out assault through the tunnel. This map (Frozen City) has a tunnel that leads from close to the back of one base to close to the back of the other base, but can also be a bit of a trap. It would be a gamble for us – if we were spotted or they charged the tunnel it would be a bloodbath. However it would be a certain bloodbath any other way through the open terrain.

Staying closely grouped we moved as fast as the lumbering assault Atlas could go to the other exit. Peeking out, we saw the other team lined up in the distance waiting for us to cross the ridge (the other normal attack route). They didn’t see us, but there may have also been a couple protecting the base that we couldn’t spot.

Sneaking through the snow and buildings (as only a group of five storey war machines can) we approached the enemy base. We stayed close because as soon as we entered the area the entire enemy team would get BASE UNDER ATTACK across their cockpits.

Shortly we had 5 mechs stopped in the base and the capping started.

I’ve never seen a cap drop so quickly… I’ve solo capped or dual previously, but this was far faster than that.

In the time it took their fastest response to rush back the 1000m or so, we’d won. 5 v 8 victory without a shot fired! Very happy with that effort.

I squeezed in another game or two. One typical enemy getting my LRMs rained on them to victory match, the second started well and went very badly when they flanked us and hit our support mechs (me again) in the back line again. A lot of back peddling as I scrambled for cover and to keep the enemy beyond the minimum range of my missiles.

Our assault forces returned to save all but one of us and then our organisation prevailed, with their mechs falling swiftly to concentrated fire. Victory again from what was looking very untidy for several minutes.

So a fun morning.

MWO Open Beta starts next week. Feel free to join in 🙂 Look for Mabaho 🙂

Oh, and Miss 5, well she eventually slept about 6am, and I left for work. Mrs was woken at 7am by Miss 3 declaring that “It’s Morning time!”

(I apologise for the lack of screenshots, but I just can’t seem to get PrtScrn to work in game).

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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