MoP Begins … well sorta

I want to write some pun about mops, buckets and cleaning, but can’t think of a good one.   The expac is finally here. I’ve arrived back from my USA trip, with almost a week still of holidays to go.  I’ve updated my add-ons, updated my Mac and downloaded the last patches for WoW. I have my internet back this very afternoon as well. Sounds perfect. I’m good to go for some solid MoP exploration.

Except my copy hasn’t turned up yet. 

Ah hum… it’ll probably be more than a week before it does arrive. So what to do….

Well one of things I wanted to try was the Scenario, Theramore’s Fall.

But Mab doesn’t seem to qualify. I did think it was iLevel, but if it’s 353 as I read somewhere, then Mab has 370 so should be fine. Anyone the LFG tool won’t let him queue. EDIT: Seems they turned the run up to lvl 90 with the MoP official release.

So that’s out.

Can’t level Mab or Dasal, need the expac.

Can’t start a Panda, need the expac.

Could keep working on Mabango… that’s not a bad idea.

Until Tacky suggested Pet Battles.

Wandered over to the trainer (who trains*) and got started. Also bumped into Cymre and must get started on many of her posts that I purposefully ignored, so as not to spoil the expac. But at least I can read about pet battles.

Was a bit lost at first until the first green paw showed up on my minimap. I was well into it soon after. After about 15 mins, I have raised a few pet levels, won a few, caught a few new pets. Been interesting.

I can see you needing to really raise a whole range of pets with their strengths and weaknesses. Then swapping your three slots depending upon the pets in your current zone. For example, near water you are likely to meet aquatic pets, so have 3 slots of flyers probably won’t help, but those same three will devastate cats.

So I guess I will become a pet expert over the coming days.

Mab has a new pet (left side) Rabid Nut something 5000. Also shows the green paws to look for that designate combat pets.

*a reference to the recent Pink Panther movie, Yuri the Trainer who Trains becomes a suspect in the investigation.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

2 thoughts on “MoP Begins … well sorta”

  1. “Can’t start a Panda, need the expac”

    Actually, you CAN start a Panda. You just can’t start a Monk.

    So while waiting for the Copy to arrive, you can roll a Panda, and you can name him George (if that name isn’t taken), and you can hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him…

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