USA Holiday Day 18

The kids are asleep beside me as we hurtle through the sky. New York is well behind us now and we’re headed to our last stop, San Francisco. I could actually update this as we go as the plane has wifi on board. Of course you pay for the privilege but it’s pretty amazing never the less.

Not sure what we finished up with in NY. Tried some more food, I managed to have a hot dog in NY, a pizza in NY and NY cheesecake, so that’s some things I always wanted to do. There are so many places to eat. Some expensive (like the lobster paella we had) some not.

We stumbled across a market that took over 8th Ave from 42nd to the park. Apparently, like the Darkmoon Fairie used to, it pops up all over the city. I made it to the USS Intrepid museum. You might know it from Will Smith’s I Am Legend, where he tees off from the back of an airplane. It’s a WW2 Aircraft Carrier that is also a Air & Space museum. Here I managed to see a Shuttle, the Kennedy Space Centre is still waiting for theirs at the moment.

NY was nice to see, but I’m not sure we’d be back. I loved Central Park, but I’m not a shopper so didn’t really care for that. Mrs thought the prices were high after Outlet shopping in Vegas (previous trip to US) and Orlando. She also didn’t really like the busy nature of the place. I hate to think how cold NY could be in the middle of winter!

So we’re off to SF for a rest, any last minute shopping, before the last stretch home. SF is more appealing to us than LA, just didn’t really like LA last time. And a better paced place, it’s kinda like Melbourne.


Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

4 thoughts on “USA Holiday Day 18”

    1. I didn’t think we would do much touring as its our second time here but we did get out to the bridge. Kids recognized the Golden Gate from the Monsters vs Aliens movie 😄

  1. I love SF. A couple of things to think of doing while there (if it is a available). Go to a SF Giants Baseball game. Get the garlic fries there. Go to 21st Amendment Brewery before or after the game.

    Go to fisherman’s wharf and check out all of the stuff. Watch the bush man scare people. Get a clam chowder bread bowl from one of the street vendors.

    There is a lot to do. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Dax. We love it too. So far it’s our favorite US city and we’re stopping here as we came here on our last trip. Fishermans wharf has great food, but the whole city is just cool, relaxed and interesting.

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