USA Holiday Day 14

Still in New York at the moment. We have a couple more days before we head to our last stop in San Francisco.

We’ve been doing a few touristy things so far. We visit the World Trade Centre site and Memorial. Miss 5 got very curious about the big holes and all the names and what it was all about. I explained it in simple but didn’t shy away from the fact that they are all dead people. She also asked about the flags, photos and other stuff that people had attached to some of the names. When I explained they had been put there by friends or family who missed their dead friends, she said “I miss them all too.” very cute and touching comment.

She has asked me to repeat the explanation several times since, so she is definitely moved by the whole thing.

Moving on, we headed over to Liberty Is to visit the Statue. Still closed for renovations for its 125 anniversary so you can’t go in, but you can walk around the base. Big, but actually smaller than I thought, and not as imposing on the harbour as I had always thought.

We’ve done a couple of bus tours, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (and back) and celebrated the now Miss 3’s birthday at Hard Rock Cafe. She did get a little scared when the waiter called for the whole place to wish her Happy Birthday! But she enjoyed her ice cream 🙂

Not sure what we have planned for the next couple of days. Any suggestions?

Waterfalls at WTC Memorial

Statue of Liberty

Massive sandwich at Carnige Deli

Brooklyn Bridge

Part of the Guggenheim, sure, but also the building that Agent K chases an alien up at the start of MIB, before he joins MIB.

Author: Mabaho

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