Shared Topic – What Spell Would You Most Want?

Arvash gives us this new topic,

So my question is, if you could have any spell you want from any other class, current spells or new ones in MoP, what would it be? How would you work it into your rotation, gameplay, etc.?

There are a few spells that I’ve always wanted for Mabaho. Hex was one… I was frustrated that the Troll Shaman we fought had this Hex spell… Hey Mabaho is a shaman too, why don’t I know it. And eventually they did let us have Hex (and for Wrath, we almost never used it as CC was so out of fashion). They also gave us Bind Elementals in Cata and brought CC back. (I’m bringing CC back, yeah – read that to the sound of Timberlake’s song, lol)

Another strange thing I thought was that we couldn’t remove curses, I think Druids had that. We could remove poison. Now if we consider shaman are in a way “Witch Doctors” then curses would seem to be a strong point! And druids, all naturey it makes sense to have them able out sort out poisons. At some point in Wrath I think it was, they reorganised all of the spells to do with curses and poisons and the like. And took away Cure Poisons to replace it with Cleanse Spirit, a curse removal spell.

I have a spell that I’ve always, always wanted. It’s pretty much a vanity spell but since the release of BC I’ve always thought it fits nicely into the Shaman way of things. Ghost Raven or maybe Eagle is better. I don’t care if it is just a travel form, but I never thought it was fair to give us GW and not expand it when BC came out, like the Druids got.

I know it’s silly and completely pointless, but even these days I still use GW occasionally and GEagle would be great.

Ghost Raven sounds better?

Chilling out

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

3 thoughts on “Shared Topic – What Spell Would You Most Want?”

  1. Ghost wolf is underrated. I use it all over the place, mostly because mounting and dismounting all the time feels a bit like driving down the block to get a chocolate bar at the cafe… sure, you can do it and it’s practical, but it just feels abrupt and wrong.

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