MoP Begins … well sorta

I want to write some pun about mops, buckets and cleaning, but can’t think of a good one.   The expac is finally here. I’ve arrived back from my USA trip, with almost a week still of holidays to go.  I’ve updated my add-ons, updated my Mac and downloaded the last patches for WoW. I have my internet back this very afternoon as well. Sounds perfect. I’m good to go for some solid MoP exploration.

Except my copy hasn’t turned up yet. 

Ah hum… it’ll probably be more than a week before it does arrive. So what to do….

Well one of things I wanted to try was the Scenario, Theramore’s Fall.

But Mab doesn’t seem to qualify. I did think it was iLevel, but if it’s 353 as I read somewhere, then Mab has 370 so should be fine. Anyone the LFG tool won’t let him queue. EDIT: Seems they turned the run up to lvl 90 with the MoP official release.

So that’s out.

Can’t level Mab or Dasal, need the expac.

Can’t start a Panda, need the expac.

Could keep working on Mabango… that’s not a bad idea.

Until Tacky suggested Pet Battles.

Wandered over to the trainer (who trains*) and got started. Also bumped into Cymre and must get started on many of her posts that I purposefully ignored, so as not to spoil the expac. But at least I can read about pet battles.

Was a bit lost at first until the first green paw showed up on my minimap. I was well into it soon after. After about 15 mins, I have raised a few pet levels, won a few, caught a few new pets. Been interesting.

I can see you needing to really raise a whole range of pets with their strengths and weaknesses. Then swapping your three slots depending upon the pets in your current zone. For example, near water you are likely to meet aquatic pets, so have 3 slots of flyers probably won’t help, but those same three will devastate cats.

So I guess I will become a pet expert over the coming days.

Mab has a new pet (left side) Rabid Nut something 5000. Also shows the green paws to look for that designate combat pets.

*a reference to the recent Pink Panther movie, Yuri the Trainer who Trains becomes a suspect in the investigation.


USA Holiday – Last post

We made it home. The girls were great sleeping almost the whole way home. I’ll go back through some of the older posts and add some more photos but apart from that, the holiday is over.

Of course that will have to wait until our phone line and subsequently the Internet connection gets fixed. 😒

Update: almost 2 days later, and still no phone. Okay so the first day was a Sunday, but still!

USA Holiday – Homeward Bound

We’re all checked out now. Just have to wait until late evening for our flight. We’ve discovered the Children’s Creativity Museum which is like a giant interactive imagination experiment for kids and is very cool. Great way to kill a few hours with the kids in central SF.

Then it’s the 14 hours of flight and home.

And then it’s trying to remember how to play MWO and learning the new stuff in WoW. Don’t think the MWO is open yet so won’t post about it. And my mail order Mists expansion could be a week or two delayed. At least the crowds in the start areas will have died off somewhat by the time I actually get in there.

USA Holiday Day 18

The kids are asleep beside me as we hurtle through the sky. New York is well behind us now and we’re headed to our last stop, San Francisco. I could actually update this as we go as the plane has wifi on board. Of course you pay for the privilege but it’s pretty amazing never the less.

Not sure what we finished up with in NY. Tried some more food, I managed to have a hot dog in NY, a pizza in NY and NY cheesecake, so that’s some things I always wanted to do. There are so many places to eat. Some expensive (like the lobster paella we had) some not.

We stumbled across a market that took over 8th Ave from 42nd to the park. Apparently, like the Darkmoon Fairie used to, it pops up all over the city. I made it to the USS Intrepid museum. You might know it from Will Smith’s I Am Legend, where he tees off from the back of an airplane. It’s a WW2 Aircraft Carrier that is also a Air & Space museum. Here I managed to see a Shuttle, the Kennedy Space Centre is still waiting for theirs at the moment.

NY was nice to see, but I’m not sure we’d be back. I loved Central Park, but I’m not a shopper so didn’t really care for that. Mrs thought the prices were high after Outlet shopping in Vegas (previous trip to US) and Orlando. She also didn’t really like the busy nature of the place. I hate to think how cold NY could be in the middle of winter!

So we’re off to SF for a rest, any last minute shopping, before the last stretch home. SF is more appealing to us than LA, just didn’t really like LA last time. And a better paced place, it’s kinda like Melbourne.


USA Holiday Day 14

Still in New York at the moment. We have a couple more days before we head to our last stop in San Francisco.

We’ve been doing a few touristy things so far. We visit the World Trade Centre site and Memorial. Miss 5 got very curious about the big holes and all the names and what it was all about. I explained it in simple but didn’t shy away from the fact that they are all dead people. She also asked about the flags, photos and other stuff that people had attached to some of the names. When I explained they had been put there by friends or family who missed their dead friends, she said “I miss them all too.” very cute and touching comment.

She has asked me to repeat the explanation several times since, so she is definitely moved by the whole thing.

Moving on, we headed over to Liberty Is to visit the Statue. Still closed for renovations for its 125 anniversary so you can’t go in, but you can walk around the base. Big, but actually smaller than I thought, and not as imposing on the harbour as I had always thought.

We’ve done a couple of bus tours, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (and back) and celebrated the now Miss 3’s birthday at Hard Rock Cafe. She did get a little scared when the waiter called for the whole place to wish her Happy Birthday! But she enjoyed her ice cream 🙂

Not sure what we have planned for the next couple of days. Any suggestions?

Waterfalls at WTC Memorial

Statue of Liberty

Massive sandwich at Carnige Deli

Brooklyn Bridge

Part of the Guggenheim, sure, but also the building that Agent K chases an alien up at the start of MIB, before he joins MIB.

USA Holiday Day Ten

New York.


Never thought I’d do my morning run around Central Park. You guys have a cool park here. Kids enjoyed some of the playground too. We haven’t done much in the way of tourist stuff, tomorrow we plan to see the Statue of Liberty and also Ground Zero.

We did head down to the pier this evening and saw the Memorial Light Beam. That’s simply a stunning idea and looks awesome. It’s hard to believe that since that day, this is the first year my work hasn’t been directly involved in or supporting the Iraq or Afghanistan operations.

On a note closer to home, Mrs Mabaho is not really enjoying herself in NYC, but I think it’s a case of overload, because there seems to be a store for every brand she can think of.And it turns out that the Outlet shopping in Orlando was really good prices for the same stuff!

Me, I like it, I feel very comfortable, and it’s so easy to get around. I thought the street naming system would be silly, but it works very well. Food is everywhere and I just want to try it all!

So far we’ve had lunch in Times Square, visited the “biggest” shoe floor in the world, rode a ferris wheel inside Toys R Us and had lunch at Rockefeller Centre (really yummy). I still plan to see the USS Intrepid and we still need to celebrate Miss 2’s third birthday while we’re here. It’s also funny, as it was in DC, seeing stuff from movies, tv shows and I’m right there.


USA Holiday Day umm I lost count

Ok just a quick post as we wait for the plane from Washington DC to New York. DC was monumental… Well it seemed like every corner had a monument to some one.

Never the less it was pretty amazing to stand in some places I’d only seen on news or movies. Finding Australia mentioned on the Korean Memorial was a nice touch.

So the Big Apple is next.

USA Holiday Day 5

We didn’t make Disney last night, started raining.

A late start today with the idea to hit the Epcot Centre until dinner, then switch to Disney to catch the parade. And that’s pretty much how it went.

Except that we left it a little late to switch over and didn’t find a good spot, but to be honest the parade at Anaheim 2 years ago was far better. Then the kids got tired and we headed home before the fireworks.

Disney done, at least for this trip.

Epcot was interesting, not many rides, and some “world experiences” that they’d actually put a fair bit of effort into within the bounds that it was a theme park.

Mulan got done over here too! So every country (eleven I think) is staffed by nationals from that country… French in the France one, Germans in the German one and Chinese in the China one, etc. Characters from those countries were there and we finally found Mulan

So to speak.

They had an American playing Mulan. Seriously she had a pointy nose, western eyes, American accent… She might have had some Asian ancestry but it wasn’t obvious. Even my girls, half filipino would have been more authentic! By comparison, Mary Poppins and Alice (from Wonderland, not Resident Evil, lol) had strong English accents. Mulan sounded liike she came from California.

I’ll post some pictures once I edit them somehow.

USA Holiday Day 4

Day 4 proved that no matter how long you know someone they can always surprise you. Originally we had planned to go to the Universal theme park, but Disney and the heat had left us a bit more tired than expected.

So we decided that something a little smaller would suit. The Kennedy Space Center for most of the day, then a break and catch the fireworks at Disney. We could do Universal after that.

Ok geographically the space center might not be smaller, but the tourist part has a lot less options than Disney. We only did the basic package, but still got to see several launch sites (from a distance) and visit the Saturn V rocket (if you aren’t sure, it the one that launched the Apollo moon missions). I was interested and some of the multimedia was great, like the “live” Apollo launch with footage was cool.

The surprise was that Mrs, who had little interest at the start was fascinated by the end. You just never know.

The kids basically ignored everything except when there were stairs – then they wanted to go up.

And down.

And up!



Holiday USA Day 3

Day 3, DISNEY.

The kids who had been excited about meeting Mickey Mouse since before we left actually weren’t that excited when the actual day came. They wanted to stay at the hotel and use the pool!

Until we got there.

Initially it was a bit of a photo feat as we met our hosts (Mickey and Minnie) and several Princesses to get photos. Rapunzel liked Miss 2’s shoes (they have flashy lights in them) and Miss 2 asked to see Rapunzel’s shoes in return. And then all the princesses were required (by Miss 2) to pull up their hems to show their shoes too.


Then we got into Fantasyland and it was about It’s a Small World and rides for a while. We bumped into Pooh and Tigger and they have al,ost the best queue with all these interactive things for the kids to play with in the queue. But this was outdone by the waiting area for Dumbo, an inside a/c playground, with those buzzer you get at some resturants when you order your meal to call you into your queue for the ride. The irony is that Mrs decided to sit this ride out and was outside in the heat waiting for us, lol.

We finished up meeting Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog. Miss 5 was wearing a Tiana dress all day, but we’ve never seen the movie. By this time, about 6 they had had enough and so we headed home.


But what about

Something I’ve noticed recently is that for some reason Mulan isn’t on any of the Disney Princess stuff. I noticed as my two have been watching Mulan and Mulan 2 in the non stop way kids have. And it’s hard to find stuff for them.

The simple and obvious answer is that Mulan isn’t a Princess, so doesn’t fit. She might save China and the Emperor, but her fiancé is a General’s son. Feel a bit sorry for Mulan actually.

Pocahontas is in the same boat of not being a princess.

Meanwhile Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and now Tiana and Rapunzel get to be on everything.

And Tinkerbell…. But she’s not a princess, she’s a fairy.