Shared Topic – Life Changing

Honestly, I feel humbled at some of the responses to this topic. Folks like The Grown Up and Karegina have found such solace and companionship from this game. I know of others who have met soulmates through the game. I honestly feel my own experiences are petty and small beside such things.

Effy asks us a small question, that has led to some giant responses

“How has WoW changed your life?”

I’ve had life’s ups and downs as well, but none have involved the game. I started to play WoW because my friends were. I often lived remote from my closest friends and it was a way for me to stay in touch with some of them.

Mabaho dressed for Navispam (I realised the only shots in that post have him sitting)

It’s actually a bit of a change from the games I had played until then. And I guess that’s something that has changed. For the past seven years I’ve been playing pretty much just WoW. Now I’m definitely not the type to swap games every week but I usually play a couple of different ones in a year. And they have tended to be mission based FPS or Simulators (either warplanes, spaceships or mechs). An RPG, an online RPG, an MMORPG is really outside my norm. So that’s something different.

So I’m sorry, there isn’t anything deep here. WoW has for a time changed my gaming, but not my life.

Mechwarrior Online (picture belongs to MWO not me)

Random Review – Nike+ SportwatchGPS

The Nike+ SportwatchGPS in Blue (this is the one I have)

The last of these running related reviews is the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. I mentioned at the end of the last review that I had purchased the watch and I’ve been running with it for about 3 or 4 weeks now.

It fits nicely on my wrist, but I recommend anyone with thick wrists try it on first as I am almost on the last hole, and I think my wrists are about average. Its light and comfortable, and not overly bulky. The face is easy to read, even in sunlight or when running.

Functionally as a watch its very basic. It has a clock and an alarm. Enough to use day to day, but if you plan on travelling or you expect multiple alarms you should look elsewhere. However as a running tracker I’ve found it performs great. The GPS reception is as competent as the iPhone that I was using, and because of that, the run tracking is very accurate.  As a fallback, the watch can also link to the Nike Shoe Sensor. It will also link to some heartrate monitors if you have one.

The display cycles through a list of useful stats, distance, time, clock, pace throughout the run. It can do intervals and laps either automatically or by slapping the screen. This slap needs to be quite firm, a simple press like a touch screen phone will not register. The slap is also used in the stopwatch mode to view lap times.

The USB connection at the end of the watchband (and the colour Jolt)

It connects via USB to your PC/Mac and special Nike+ software. The software pushes the workouts to the Nike+ website, charges the watch and also updates the GPS satellite data (the more recent this data, the faster the GPS lock). The software also lets you adjust settings on the watch (interval times, data display cycle). The USB plug is actually at the end of watch band under a little cover. A great idea that does mean that the strap can’t be replaced as you’ll sever the USB cable.

And this is currently my biggest concern for the longevity of the watch. The watch has a plasticy rubber strap, and in my experience as you take the watch on and off these kinds of bands eventually snap. Does this mean I’ll need a new watch in six months or a year? In its defence, its been many, many years since I owned a watch with such a band, perhaps they have improved.

The battery life isn’t anything like a normal watch (they can last years), I seem to get about a week out of it. I’m not sure how much of an effect going on an actual run affects this duration as GPS functionality is passive. So a week with three runs of about an hour each.

Overall I’m happy. I can ditch the iPhone again and run with my watch and the little Nano again. And its not bulky and odd looking for use in between runs. I recommend considering it, especially if you use the Nike+ website already.

(oh and it has a run reminder function, but I haven’t used it)

Shared Topic – MoP Beta

The few people who do follow my blog deserve a post. I’m actually writing a lot of posts at the moment, but due to an Non Disclosure Agreement, I can’t post them yet. So shared topics give me a great chance to keep posting that I can publish. Otherwise it’d be Mabango is still in the inn at Dal, Mabaho and the rest are hanging out in Org. Not really worth reading. Anyway, this week Frinka has suggested a topic for Blog Azeroth.

Are you playing the MoP Beta? Why or why not? How much time are you spending there vs. the “live” servers.

Oh definitely not. I don’t want to spoil the surprise! I’m happy to roll up to the new zones on the opening night (or a night or two later) and view it all for the first time. I still remember the first time I ran up the road from Mulgore into The Barrens to explore. Its on of the strongest memories I have of WoW. That would be in about June 2005. Oh, the Barren explore ended with my level 5 or so getting wasted by the first thing I came across and I scooted back to Mulgore to keep questing.

Similarly I remember when Mabaho finally levelled enough to enter The Dark Portal. I’ve posted screenshots of that before. I can’t remember as well the WotLK and Cata but it was similar. That’s the exploring feeling I like.

So I’m not spending any time in the Beta. I don’t have a key and made no effort to get one.

It’s also hard as some of my favourite blogs post stuff on it occasionally. Bubbles of Mischief I almost avoid entirely (sorry Cymre!) as she puts a massive amount of effort into giving us all great info on the new stuff. I plan to read it as I go along later. If you are interested in it, she’s has an awesome amount of stuff.

As for live server, due to another Beta (with the NDA), I’m not logging in much anyway. But I’ll be back in September.


I logged in for the first time in I think about a week. Navi whispered that she wanted to take some pictures with me. Yay, Navispam!

I rushed off to the bank to see if I had anything that might go well as a transmog. Though I didn’t actually transmog, I just put it on for the pictures. It actually looked pretty good I thought.

Navi 🙂

And then Tacky, another guild blogger (we have four if you count Dragonray who has an alt in our guild too), found us up on the ledge posing.

Frostwolves Represent!

So I’ve been officially Navispammed. I’m pretty happy actually. Thanks Navi.

Random thought – Does anyone else do this, ride the top of the Zep? I prefer to stay up here and fly off at my destination.

Riding the Zep.