Android on Touchpad

HP Touchpad

Last year I picked up an HP Touchpad as HP washed its hands of the whole line. Until my move to the iPad a few years back I had been a PalmOS user since about 2000. So I was interested to see the newer descendant of that OS, WebOS. But after some early experimenting, for the past few months the Touchpad has been little more than a clock/digital picture frame on my desk beside me.

In a few months we are travelling overseas for a while and I am foreseeing many arguments between Miss5 and Miss2 over the iPad. I have been considering getting a second one, which I admit, would give me a chance to check out the new iPad as well.

Suddenly the other night I realised that if I could get any Android functionality on the Touchpad (something that was being investigated from almost the day it was released) then I could load it up with movies etc and save myself a lot of money. I know I could do this on the Touchpad now, but there is little support and few games etc.

In the 10 months since I last checked in on progress some amazing work had been done. No longer struggling with a half working 2.3 they had a near complete 4.0 running. It was also dual boot and simple to install! Much respect to the guys at CyanogenMod for their efforts.

So this evening I set out to give it a go. I followed this excellent video on YouTube (this one is designed for OSX users), as well as this link at WebOS Nation.

My first attempts didn’t go well, though the boot loader (that lets you select which OS to boot) installed, nothing else did. I realised that the Touchpad was almost full of pictures and movies, so I did a full wipe of the device and started again.

This worked a little better and I got the Cyangenmod recovery application installed as a boot option. A couple more attempts didn’t have any better success at getting the actual OS onto the device. I was starting to get a little sad at this point.

However I as I stuffed about in the Recovery app I realised that the OS install file was just another .zip file which the recovery app can load. Perhaps…..

Success. I booted the Touchpad into Android OS 4.0 and logged in with my Google account.

Now I am really struggling to figure Android out, as I am so used to the iOS way of doing things and I even keep trying to do it the WebOS way which doesn’t help either. This is my first Android device and after the twenty minutes or so I’ve had it up an running I am pretty happy, though still somewhat confused. I do like the ability to choose apps on the desktop (though Google Play website) and install it onto the Touchpad directly.

Android on Touchpad

The guys have saved me hundreds of dollars and should keep the two little misses satisfied for some of the 20 something hour transit! As soon as I find a place I will certainly donate something to the cause.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

2 thoughts on “Android on Touchpad”

    1. It’s seen some use, but its got more of a life ahead of it now… well at least until the shell finally falls apart. The design is poor and very weak around the speaker grills. A lot of people have cracks there, and mine even has pieces of the shell break off.

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