Off Topic – The Mechanic?

Sorry, this is totally off WoW as a topic and even outside Bikes and Babes as well! For about two weeks now, my wife’s car has had a stuffed indicator. It’s just been awkward to get down to the mechanic to get it fixed.

So fix it yourself says the reader…. This is the kind of garage I run you see, something smooth, professional….

Casey Stoners (MotoGP) pit crew at work.

Well, no, my skills are virtually non existent in the mechanical arena. Oh I can change tyres, wipers, fill oil, water or windscreen cleaner and that kind of stuff. I can do a few more things on my bike, adjust suspension, idle, chain… But anything more and the chances of me actually figuring it out or needing a lot more repair afterwards grow quickly the more I unbolt, open, unscrew, unlatch etc. My strengths lie more in the realm of fixing code or computers not cars.

This is probably more true to life for my garage!

I suddenly realised two things. First, I can probably get the bulb for a few dollars and YouTube has probably got a video of someone doing it. YouTube was first and that was moderately successful, enough to give me hope. I picked the bulb up for a total of $1.50 a couple of days ago.

So last night sees me head under the car for an attempt at doing this. After a few referrals to the to that book that real men aren’t allowed to read (the car’s manual), I found myself spending a good 30mins trying to pry off the indicator bulb cover.

That’s with my head in the front wheel arch, with the wheel lying on the garage floor, my arm up a hole in the arch and wound up through the front of the car with my fingers just reaching the cover’s handle. All kinds of metal and plastic creaking or digging into my arm.

And eventually it did come off and I swapped the bulb. I then spent about ten more minutes trying to put it back the @#%&$@ back on.

Ok, test time….. I hit the hazard button (as this will use the lights and I don’t need the car keys etc)….


and then more …. nothing… Ah well, I guess it wasn’t the bulb (it actually looked fine too), maybe a fuse or something. So much for me fixing it.

I started opening more stuff, the bonnet (hood for you US), checking the fuse diagrams etc, mindful of previous attempts at this kind of thing, you know, the more unscrewed, unbolted etc…

Then I remembered the bulb holder and that the contacts were very small. Maybe it had not been closed correctly. I turned on the hazards and rotated the cover until I got a flash out of the indicator!

OMG I fixed the car!

And it’s working fine the next day…

Even better I didn’t have any pieces left over when I put it back together, you know that’s always a good sign.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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