Bye Bye Burning Crusade

Mabango hit 68 last night. That’s it for Outlands, she has a Lich King to face.

Leaving Outlands

I decided to take the long way home* – flew south from Netherstorm to the Portal, through the portal and bam! can’t fly… oh yeah forgot about that.  Walked to the nearest flightpath, then catch the boat to Org. Then I remembered that I don’t really like the Orc area in Northrend, so I jumped the boat to UC and flew north from there.

North for Vengeance Landing

Picked up a few quests, including one to Dalaran. The flight master already has this route (remember when you couldn’t fly here and unless you found another way you had to walk overland to find the portal up to Dal! Easy now). First stop was the Cold Weather flying training where Mabango also picked up Azeroth flying (so by 68 you can fly everywhere!)

Mabango returned to the Landing and engaged a few mobs. If this went well she could drop all her Netherstorm quests and carry on. If not, then a quick trip back to Org and back into the portal.

The mobs died pretty quick with good xp, so cleared old my quest log ready to go. Quickly completed the initial landing quests and soon made my way up the elevator into the zone proper. Again… it feels much quicker than Mabaho did (and again, Dasal never really quested …. ever).

So onwards, with only 17 levels to go!

Attacking Alliance warships

*actually I only realised until writing this entry that I could have flown to Shat and used the portal back to Org. Though I should have taken the boat back to UC not via Org.


Android on Touchpad

HP Touchpad

Last year I picked up an HP Touchpad as HP washed its hands of the whole line. Until my move to the iPad a few years back I had been a PalmOS user since about 2000. So I was interested to see the newer descendant of that OS, WebOS. But after some early experimenting, for the past few months the Touchpad has been little more than a clock/digital picture frame on my desk beside me.

In a few months we are travelling overseas for a while and I am foreseeing many arguments between Miss5 and Miss2 over the iPad. I have been considering getting a second one, which I admit, would give me a chance to check out the new iPad as well.

Suddenly the other night I realised that if I could get any Android functionality on the Touchpad (something that was being investigated from almost the day it was released) then I could load it up with movies etc and save myself a lot of money. I know I could do this on the Touchpad now, but there is little support and few games etc.

In the 10 months since I last checked in on progress some amazing work had been done. No longer struggling with a half working 2.3 they had a near complete 4.0 running. It was also dual boot and simple to install! Much respect to the guys at CyanogenMod for their efforts.

So this evening I set out to give it a go. I followed this excellent video on YouTube (this one is designed for OSX users), as well as this link at WebOS Nation.

My first attempts didn’t go well, though the boot loader (that lets you select which OS to boot) installed, nothing else did. I realised that the Touchpad was almost full of pictures and movies, so I did a full wipe of the device and started again.

This worked a little better and I got the Cyangenmod recovery application installed as a boot option. A couple more attempts didn’t have any better success at getting the actual OS onto the device. I was starting to get a little sad at this point.

However I as I stuffed about in the Recovery app I realised that the OS install file was just another .zip file which the recovery app can load. Perhaps…..

Success. I booted the Touchpad into Android OS 4.0 and logged in with my Google account.

Now I am really struggling to figure Android out, as I am so used to the iOS way of doing things and I even keep trying to do it the WebOS way which doesn’t help either. This is my first Android device and after the twenty minutes or so I’ve had it up an running I am pretty happy, though still somewhat confused. I do like the ability to choose apps on the desktop (though Google Play website) and install it onto the Touchpad directly.

Android on Touchpad

The guys have saved me hundreds of dollars and should keep the two little misses satisfied for some of the 20 something hour transit! As soon as I find a place I will certainly donate something to the cause.

Whew, time to play.

Feels like ages since I had a chance to play, though its really only about 5 days.

Some guild news first, Dragonray from Azerothian Life has joined us, which is pretty cool. She wanted somewhere for one of her alts, a Horde toon, to live so Navi convinced her that no matter what she’s heard, the Frosties really aren’t as crazy as they say. So big welcome to Dragonray.

Midsummer Festival has started, I just checked Mab’s list for that. Ah, everything needs doing except for Ahune. Been pretty slack on his Firelands dailies recently too. Maybe I’ll just run the DS 5mans.

Blade’s Edge Mountains

Mabango is still working in Blade’s Edge. Halfway through 67, I’m considering a move to Netherstorm shortly, perhaps at the end of the current quest chain. She did score one achieve when she came across this guy.


So Medium Rare done for Mabango.

I also liked the random way this Son of Gruul ended up too.

Lost his head.



Off Topic – The Mechanic?

Sorry, this is totally off WoW as a topic and even outside Bikes and Babes as well! For about two weeks now, my wife’s car has had a stuffed indicator. It’s just been awkward to get down to the mechanic to get it fixed.

So fix it yourself says the reader…. This is the kind of garage I run you see, something smooth, professional….

Casey Stoners (MotoGP) pit crew at work.

Well, no, my skills are virtually non existent in the mechanical arena. Oh I can change tyres, wipers, fill oil, water or windscreen cleaner and that kind of stuff. I can do a few more things on my bike, adjust suspension, idle, chain… But anything more and the chances of me actually figuring it out or needing a lot more repair afterwards grow quickly the more I unbolt, open, unscrew, unlatch etc. My strengths lie more in the realm of fixing code or computers not cars.

This is probably more true to life for my garage!

I suddenly realised two things. First, I can probably get the bulb for a few dollars and YouTube has probably got a video of someone doing it. YouTube was first and that was moderately successful, enough to give me hope. I picked the bulb up for a total of $1.50 a couple of days ago.

So last night sees me head under the car for an attempt at doing this. After a few referrals to the to that book that real men aren’t allowed to read (the car’s manual), I found myself spending a good 30mins trying to pry off the indicator bulb cover.

That’s with my head in the front wheel arch, with the wheel lying on the garage floor, my arm up a hole in the arch and wound up through the front of the car with my fingers just reaching the cover’s handle. All kinds of metal and plastic creaking or digging into my arm.

And eventually it did come off and I swapped the bulb. I then spent about ten more minutes trying to put it back the @#%&$@ back on.

Ok, test time….. I hit the hazard button (as this will use the lights and I don’t need the car keys etc)….


and then more …. nothing… Ah well, I guess it wasn’t the bulb (it actually looked fine too), maybe a fuse or something. So much for me fixing it.

I started opening more stuff, the bonnet (hood for you US), checking the fuse diagrams etc, mindful of previous attempts at this kind of thing, you know, the more unscrewed, unbolted etc…

Then I remembered the bulb holder and that the contacts were very small. Maybe it had not been closed correctly. I turned on the hazards and rotated the cover until I got a flash out of the indicator!

OMG I fixed the car!

And it’s working fine the next day…

Even better I didn’t have any pieces left over when I put it back together, you know that’s always a good sign.

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

I logged in to do some levelling on Mabango only to find Navi in ICC. Quickly I swapped to Mab and was invited into the 10man achievement run. I was pretty excited as apart from occasionally walking in the front door and leaving, I’ve never been in ICC, let alone killed the King himself.

I joined as they approached the airship fight. I was instructed to stay on ours and repel boarders.

Enemy to Starboard!

Again it was mostly a case of follow, bash whatever came within reach, listen carefully to the brief so as not screw up people’s achievements (and my own of course). And the run went well.

Inside the Citadel
These guys are UGLY!
Helping Valithria Dreamwalker

The achieve with the green dragon didn’t work out.

Sindragosa arrives

I hadn’t realised Sin was a she, until they said the Queen was coming 🙂

And is slain
The Blood Queen
The Lich King
We declared our allegiance

I have to admit, I afk’d (RL issues) for the first run through this as we attempted to get 30 stacks (of something???) and came back to a dead body and a second attempt. I have a bad feeling that my afk killed them (though I did word them up I was leaving). So again, my record of dieing at least once (usually more) in every guild run is secure.

Battling the Lich King

Moments later I was thrown from the platform and died and I was convinced that we were starting again. Vent and chat opened up with Don’t Release!! so I didn’t, but spent the next couple of minutes staring up to the platform wondering what would happen.

My view

Eventually we were raised up and the KING WAS DEAD! The cutscene started and I watched most of it before the vent conversation brought me back. And you can view it in Dalaran if you wish.


So a new title and a list of achieves. All 10 man

Hmm, actually looking at the achieves I must have been ported in at Lady Deathwhisper, not the boat. I kinda thought that was trash. 8 or 9 Heroic DS geared toons (and me) makes short work of these dungeons.

Leaving Nagrand. Onwards.

Mabango hit level 66 yesterday morning and after handing in a few quest items was a good 20% on her way to 67.

Farewell Nagrand

However in keeping with the plan I farewelled Nagrand and headed north over Zangermarsh to Blade’s Edge Mountains. Somehow I feel like I’ve just left somewhere nice and things are about to get serious.

Into the Blade’s Edge

I started questing and soon found that the mobs were very manageable. So a good choice. However I was unimpressed with one of the first quests… kill 30 Ogres (and 10 Ogre’s Raptors)… 40 in one quest! Are they serious, better be a nice reward as that’s a lot.

BEM till 68 then to Netherstrom for the run to 70. I’m considering testing the waters in Northrend in 68 or 69. See how things go.


Shared Topic – Most Loved Items.

For this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief suggested:

What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose? Tell us a story, what makes them so special and as always illustrate with screenshots.

I thought about this and at first I couldn’t think of anything much. I have alt banks full of mats and random stuff that my alts might need if they ever level or recipes etc that if I ever get around to levelling professions may use. I have a fair few odds & ends that I’ve kept but most of it I don’t really mind if it disappeared.

Then I decided to log in to several toons and just check their banks. Most are missing everything from their bags thanks to a hit and run by Miss 4 when she discovered how to destroy items. Thankfully she didn’t also find the bank.

And I have a few items, though there probably isn’t more than one or two more items than this lot. So from the bottom up (oh, there’s a pun there in a moment!)

3. My Brewfest Steins. Mabaho has Yellow, Green and Purple. Pumatay has Blue and Yellow. You used to get these as commerative items from Brewfests (I’m sure there are other colours) but they seem to have stopped the last few years. So a nice memory of old times.

Mabaho Dual Wielding Brewfest Steins (Green and Purple).

2. Mabaho’s Helm of Lupine Grace. A quest reward from Outlands somewhere. I just really love its look and stashed it in bags when it was eventually replaced. I really really ought to transmog with it.

Helm of Lupine Grace (and Frost Witch’s Set T10)

1. Mabaho’s collection of T4 and T5 gear. This is simply for nostalgic reasons. I earned this gear on my only stint as a raider in my guild. For about two weeks I was able to run and we did Grull/Mag a few times and SSC when this was CURRENT GUILD PROGRESSION, yes, you read that right! I even scored a T5 piece before Navi did. And she’s been heal lead for about forever! [But runs a druid so its not like I took a piece she could use]. So if Miss 4 (or Miss 2 later) ever destroyed it, I could get it back, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Mabaho’s T4 Set.

So there you have it. My top three items.

Navigating Nagrand

Mabango has been busy in Outlands. She hit level 64 and abandoned Zangermarsh for Nagrand. Its a similar process I took with Mabaho way back in 07/08. Up two levels and move zone. Its working well for Mabango as it means that the mobs are still fairly easy to kill but give good xp.

I had forgotten just how impressive a zone Nagrand is. And with my settings on this iMac at Ultra, I’m sure I’m seeing more than my old 6600GT card could cope with.

Approaching Garadar

Questing has been going well here, and although suffering several deaths and tragic  losses of my demon, has already reached level 65. It took Mabaho from Oct 07 to May 08 to do Outlands. Mabango has done from 58 to 65 in just less than a month. I am certain I played more then as well.

With guild xp bonus, better gear (including heirlooms and their xp bonus), a pet, flying mounts and I’m certain they have increased the xp per hand in and decreased the xp per level (I vaguely remember that in patches in late WotLK or so) its made a huge difference.

So 66 soon, and it will be time to move on. Maybe Blades Edge Mtns, then Netherstorm, then Northrend.

I’ll leave you with a couple more pics if you haven’t been here in a while.