Heroics let’s go!

About Monday I think, after a last run through Grim Batol (normal) I had enough JP get another piece of gear from the vendors. This got Dasal just over the iLevel so she can finally start Heroic 5mans in Cata. I lined up for a run, knowing that it would be tough having only just barely made the cut.

I didn’t realise quite how hard. It was Heroic Halls, and even on the first few trash mobs it became immediately obvious that this wasn’t happening. I apologised and left.

Dasal’s mana regen wasn’t great, but I felt my problem was actually my healing power wasn’t strong enough. If I didn’t have to use such big heals then my mana regen would be able to cope better. The first answer is more gear, so I expected a lot more normal runs trying to score more JP and even VP. Some debate within the guild and some suggestions from other forums suggested a change to Disc might help.

Dasal went away to study this Disc caper. Reviewing a couple of guildies and searching across EJ’s and the blogosphere I came up with a pretty standard build for her talents.

Of course, then there’s the fun of figuring out what does what. Where’s my Chakra gone for example. Two Power Words, and this spell that does damage or heals depending on where it lands?

The last and probably worst step turned out to be sorting out Healbot and the Naga to have a good setup for actually doing some healing.

I ran a couple of BGs to see if I could sort stuff out without making some poor party suffer. Didn’t really help as the other side focused on healers in both runs.

Eventually I had a basic setup, and hit the LFD tool.

DEADMINES – I wilted somewhat in my seat as my only other runs through here on Dasal have ended in disaster at the forge, and they were normal. Even Mabaho hasn’t really got a smooth run through here and he’s DPS.

I did manage to heal all the way through. I must have bit the dirt about 6 or so times, and the party wiped about 3. Not spectacular, but there was no complaints. I finished up with the normal and heroic achieve and a couple of extra achieves. I also came away with some ideas on improvements to my control setup.

This morning, I didn’t want to sit through a whole run, so again, thought I would head into BGs to muck about. (don’t know why I think I’ll get a chance to sit there and quietly heal in BGs – shrug) In the end 3 runs of WSG got me the last little bit of Honour needed for a piece of Ruthless gear.

I figure the stat jump is massive and whilst it is PvP gear, when it’s almost 100 iLevel more than your existing shoulders it doesn’t really matter. Eventually it can be replaced. A small voice in the back of my mind is wondering why i’m gearing up Dasal – she’s an alt who won’t raid and MoP is coming soon. 2 reasons:

  • First – because its fun and I enjoy healing on Dasal
  • Second – Previous experience has burned into me that the more gear at expac drop, the easier it is to cross into the new zones and progress. Mab’s T4/5 from BC lasted well into WotLK.

And back into heroics, maybe this evening.

Our FC is hiding in the alcove, I'm playing pocket heals to him until our flag gets returned. At least that was the idea. I got picked off first here.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

One thought on “Heroics let’s go!”

  1. GL trying the new spec.

    Disc is always pretty weak at the beginning of an expansion, although they tend to rectify that towards the end. In the first week or so of the beta it did feel very weak but there’s been some improvement to output already. Hopefully, things will keep getting before live.

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