The Return of the Pink Princess

Well back during the Love event (I forget the name) I had the whole series discussing dresses (and I certainly never expected to be discussing that related to gaming!!!) and the tragic tale of miss 4 destroying Pink Princess (her nickname for Mabango, my lock) Pink dress, from Noblegarden.

Well it’s Noblegarden again and with us all out there getting heartily sick of looking for Colourful Eggs, but pushing through for mounts and achievements, I’m hard at work looking for a dress.

Now, no need to do this alone, so I trained up Miss 4. She got underway and we had about 3 times as many as required by the time the dress dropped last night. Do you see my devious plan, Miss 4 farmed a third of my mount’s eggs, bwhahahah (that’s supposed to be an evil laugh)

And tonight, she’s keen as to get underway again.


Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to play WoW and ride my motorbike. Originally a strong focus WoW blog, but over the last while has become a more general blog about things going on in my world.

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