Shared Topic: Gaming Distractions

From Blog Azeroth I found this subject.

Generally whilst playing WoW I don’t have a lot of planned distractions. I  like to have some music playing when I’m not on vent (which is almost never). Sometimes, if I’m part way through watching a movie I might set my iPad up under the main screen and have that on.

What really breaks up my playing is the demands of my family. Except for the quiet period in the early morning when I am often on, my evening playing is usually broken up with bathing the kids, reading to the kids, separating the kids from the inevitable fight, getting them into bed, getting them to sleep, getting them into bed again, getting them to sleep again, getting them…. OMG go to sleep already 🙂

Whilst I might be logged on at 8:30 ready to raid, I can’t go as I will be called away at short notice for unknown lengths of time. I feel really bad about the rest of the group stuffing about waiting for me.

Eventually, it will get better as the kids get older, who knows, maybe they will be raiding with me 🙂


Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to play WoW and ride my motorbike. Originally a strong focus WoW blog, but over the last while has become a more general blog about things going on in my world.

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