Questing again – been a while

Some months ago I ran into a small roadblock with questing down in Uldum. I had been running the quests out of Schnott’s landing and when I stopped my quest was motivating the slacking workers. It didn’t seem to matter what I did I couldn’t get any to get off their butts. At the time, I was a bit tired of questing Mab so I switched over to Mabango.

One of the Schnott's quest has you acting as tank gunner

Yesterday morning in a rare flash of genius, I checked thottbot. I think I had been motivating the wrong mobs, and hadn’t ventured far enough from the cabins to find the right ones.

An untimely demise 😦

So the quest chain played itself out ending with Schnott about to execute Mab only to be dramatically rescued by Harrison Jones (I was wondering where he went after we explored Obelisk of the Stars). Of course if he hadn’t turned up, I would have just rezzed myself so I’m not sure it was a big deal.

My Saviour ❤ (lol)

Anyway, my run in with Harrison Jones linked me to a new quest hub, in the NW corner of Uldum, where the Oasis is.

I’m currently questing up there right now, but the first couple this morning were capture quests. The camels went without a hitch (except it appears that they adjust your aggro range when you are towing the camels), but the pygmies were dropping fast and would be corpses very, very quickly after getting into the range where the cage was active.

Got One!

This can be a problem when you start to seriously out level (or in this case, out gear) the quests. In this case I simply turned off Lightning Shield, Windfury and Flametounge weapons enhancements. I think WF was the most important as it made my DPS slower and more consistent. With the pygmies captured, I was off to the Obelisk of the Moon to do some work for Harriosn Jones.

Finally, here’s an odd shot, Miss 4 managed to walk Dasal off the Zep tower and not fall down. I apologise for her state of dress, Miss 4 also discovered the Equipment Manager in this session. I really don’t know why she wanted her in her knickers, but there you are.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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