Old posts are ….

I have started to add the old posts back into the site. Found that I could use the publishing date to have them appear in the correct order. I had emailed support but after 5 days I still haven’t had a reply. So it’s a case of copy/paste and then reinsert the pictures. Painful but there are only about 20 to do.
This is also a chance to try the iPhone app version, which seems ok do far for basic posting.

Update – Completed catching up with the old posts. All looks pretty good.


A New Title

I finished off the Elders achievements this morning with a last run through the Eastern Kingdoms dungeons. As always Blackrock is a confusing collection of entrances to different runs. I suppose if I had been 60 prior to BC (I was about 45) then the place would be more familiar.

But I ended up as my final one in Strat. Considering I farmed this place for a while trying to get the Baron’s Mount I suppose it was only fitting.

The annoying one was Mara though. I don’t have the staff that lets you teleport into the middle of it. I can’t even seem to get the quest from the quest giver. I can’t have completed it, as the notes say the staff can be recollected from the boss if you lose it, but that didn’t happen either. I only ever ran Mara a couple of times on Mabaho (but Dasal has spent many hours in there) so I doubt I had done it. I wonder if the quest has been removed (like all the keys are gone now). But not having the staff means a lengthy wander through the vast run to get to the Elder.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot. You also get to see my UI.

Now I have Elder, but I expect I will still leave my favourite Grunt title up.


I wrote the title as I was planning to talk a bit on my decision to join in a actually try and get most of a world event. I have almost completed Brewfest (I actually picked up a Wolpentiger when you had to complete the quest for it) and have the Noble title, but yesterday I got stuck into the current Lunar Festival one, mostly to grab the lantern (maybe deep down I am a pet collector???). So “Respect” for paying respects to the elders that we visit. I was a bit frustrated to see that there was one in Wintergrasp that you can’t get to unless your faction owns the zone. I did pick it up today so it wasn’t too hard, but I was thinking back to WotLK when on many servers one side or the other hardly wins the zone.

Of course these days, with no one playing it, one person can go around and knock over the zone unopposed.

The title inspired me to have a small whinge about LFD. I would probably include LFR but I’ve never used it as none of my toons are high enough iLevel.

I will readily admit that as a solo casual player LFD has been a huge change in my ability to get gear, get 5mans done etc etc, and it is a lot faster than sitting about in /5 LFG channel spamming Enh Shaman LFG for Mara etc for 30 mins. And I know a lot of the PvPers have since enjoyed better queue time from the cross realm stuff.

But I do miss the bumping into the same people as you level up, and getting to know the different guilds and people on your own server. I know others have spoken about it much similar vein. I don’t think we should go back though. Maybe a fix could be to sort groups so that each was primarily made up of your own server and only filled in the blanks.

Okay, enough deep thought. Mab has the lantern now. I still need to do Cata and Dungeons for the title. Might get that done this year….we’ll see.


OSX to the rescue

Well another medal awarded to Time Machine for saving the day once again. After a little bit of research I found the correct files to restore and Time Machine (normally an unnoticed little symbol next to the clock) does its magic. And behold my local backups of all of my blog is restored. Now I just have to get them into this new blog.

In the year since I changed over to the iMac, Time Machine has probably been the single most helpful feature, I think its saved my day about a dozen times from lost files, other programs getting stuck in loops to a painless complete rebuild of the iMac.


My first version of this blog filled the tiny allocation from my service provider, so I’ve had to find somewhere else to put this. Sadly in the mess of resolving the previous problems I have lost most of the old posts. I realise that it was only about 20 entries, and only a few months, but there was a little bit of interesting stuff there.

So bear with me and this blogs plain start. I will work on some graphics to personalise the place up over the weekend.

I cast thee out SWTOR

Ok two main subjects today. First up, I’ve found a buyer for my SWTOR CE. So by next week I will be free of the temptation to open it and check out the contents. The more I hear about SWTOR, the more I can’t see myself getting anywhere in it, just like WoW, so why bother. I have other stuff on the computer (like WoW) to occupy my time

The next subject, you might have guessed is bikes. My VFR has nothing wrong with it, it’s a great ride and goes well. I expect it to last another 100,000kms. But as any rider will tell you, you’re always looking for the next ride.

I had been looking for something in the 700-800cc range. I had been idly thinking about the new VFR, but it turned out to be a short ranged 1200. There isn’t a lot of choice in the the 700-800 size, with the GSXR750 and the Ducatii 848, along with things like the Triumph Street Triple or 675 being close as well.

For looks, I had been eying up the Ducati Streetfighter (S) but its an 1200 and really out of my price range. Recent reviews suggested its not really the bike for me. Monday a brief conversation on a website introduced me to the Streetfighter 848. In the same way the 848 is the little brother to the 1198, the SF848 is the little brother to the SF1198. With a different chassis and some other tweaks to make it more an everyday bike. The price sounds better too.

So I have some savings to save.


Fun With Apples

Ok, its nearly a year since my return to Apple Macs. I’ve had iPods for several years, and an iPad1 since their Australian release. Then in Jan last year I picked up this 27” iMac. I’ve recently got an iPhone and just the other day an Apple TV. It’s almost exponential in taking over my IT world! Hmm maybe something to worry about there.

I’m really enjoying the Apple TV. We don’t have a PS3 or xbox, internet TV or anything of the sort, so it’s given us that media hub connection into the iTunes store and my own iTunes library. I’ve even been able to watch videos from my iPad on our TV. Subsequently I’ve sped up my slow copying of all of our library of DVDs (about 400 discs) into my iTunes library. Not only will this let us stream our collection to the Apple TV, but will mean I can sync a selection onto the iPad whenever I travel. All good.

However I have a fair amount of Region 1 anime (AUS is Region 4) that I’ve got to figure out how to burn, as last time I tried the iMac spat the disc back at me, the inbuilt DVD Player software is region coded. So an alternative is required.

By way of experiment, I shared the Region 1 DVD drive in the Win7 box (I have two DVD drives in my PC, one for R1, one for R4, it was simpler than stuffing about with region free hacks and I had the drive sitting around not being used anyway) and am able to watch DVDs from the Windows PC, over the network, on my iMac without any region problems…. very cool.

And as a final success, now that the DVD on the iMac is empty for a moment, its worked fine with VLC & Handbrake on the iMac. Awesome, that mean’s I can get the whole lot into iTunes (and my iPad and Apple TV)

Got some ripping to do now!