Getting Started in 4.3

I’ve finally started hitting up these 4.3 runs. Mab is only geared for heroics so I’ve done something I’ve never really done before…. studied the instances before running them. Has proved very helpful and I’ve been managing them better than some of my other PUG colleagues.

About two months ago I joined into some guild Alt raids, but it became clear that I wasn’t up to speed for those sorts of things, both in understanding of the fights and my gear. I’ve since spent time reforging and gemming etc, which I was pretty lax on when all I was doing was random PUGs.

Things have changed for the better. Since that work and into 4.3 I am starting to top dps or close on most runs. Now these are PUGs so I have no idea what level the others are at to be certain, but when I can now break 10k dps on the training dummies with only totem buffs, whereas I was lucky to break 9k in a fully buffed raid I am pretty happy that things are on track.

This morning I completed the second new Heroic, Well of Eternity, and even scored a weapon (these are currently my lowest ilvl items) so my gear has come up nearly 10points in the last week. I’m aiming to come close to the magic 378ish level.

I have a standing invite to trial with a serious raiding guild on the server. I’m not geared to the level they are interested in yet, but my main three things holding me back are:

  • leaving Frosties – well I guess, not really leaving, just raiding with the other mob, I’d only take Mab and all the rest of the time I’d be in Frosties too
  • Can I commit to raiding. I got interested in their raids as they start at more like 9pm (frosties is still 8pm I think) which suits my personal circumstances better. But generally, little miss 4 goes to bed about 9 and I sometimes can take until 9.30 to get her settled… so missed raid.
  • oh and don’t forget Star Wars is released in a fortnight or so and I’m supposed to be playing that!!!

So I’ll probably keep pugging Mab, I should work on Das as she’s not even into Heroics yet. And Mabango is up to 43 I think. So fast now.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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