A Wiseman Says

The previous run was a washout. I didn’t even bother riding to the meeting place and the others decided to quit about 5 mins after leaving and returned home.

This weekend was warm (about 28C) and sunny. Perfect.  Once again we gathered at work, a few different riders and again a different bunch of bikes. A GSX1250F (a Bandit in full clothes), a Boulevard, a Street Triple,  and an F800ST were new showings.

We headed up through Windsor, turning left at McGrath’s Hill towards Wiseman’s Ferry. Quickly onto country roads, it’s about 50km to Wisemans and is a pretty good run of sweepers as you head north towards the Nepean River. Once you’re almost on top of the river there is a rapid descent down the side of the hills into Wisemans culminating in a string of 25 or 15km/h corners.

We stopped at the Hotel. They have an annual fundraising event where you can ride your bike through the bar. Haven’t been to one, but there are plenty who do. I don’t think you can buy while riding through though!

Posted Image
Lined up at the Wisemans Hotel

From here the group headed to the ferry. This is a small cable ferry that runs about every twenty minutes most of the day taking you across the river. From the other side you head north and there are several options. Some I’ve ridden (North to Newcastle, back to Sydney via the Putty or via the Old Pacific Hwy), see my other entries.

I had only a short time so turned for home after getting pictures as they left the carpark.

Posted Image
I really enjoyed my solo ride home. I’m starting to think I might enjoy it more if I went and did some solo rides instead of group ones. It is a little more dangerous though. (and harder to convince the other half not to worry)

Posted Image
Homeward Bound

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