Down Again

Well, time for another entry and its not a good one. I hit the road again. This time I can only really put it down to my own fault.

On my normal commute to work, was following a line of cars who were passing a tractor driving along the verge. The guy was going steadily and keeping as far left as he could. Mostly the cars ahead were filing past easily, but I slowed some as the car in front had its turn. Moments later he braked hard and so did I. I guess it’s been too long since my last emergency practice and I presume I grabbed too much. Bike is quickly down and I hit the road next to it.  We both slide a few metres to a stop. Distinctly remember my head hitting the ground and being very concerned about the very full lane of traffic (including large trucks) headed the other way, that I was kind of sliding towards.

Came to a halt and stood up, getting myself of fhte road as quick as I could. Can see a car pulling up behind me on the verge. The car and tractor carried on, but in all honesty, they may not have seen anything until well down the road. I didn’t hit either so they didn’t need to get details etc.

Pulled off the gloves and helmet and headed for the bike, lying silently on its right side on the road. The guy from the car is asking if I’m alright, and to be honest I’m not sure. I know I’m walking and thinking so it can’t be all bad. We lift the bike and push it off the road. He’s still asking if I’m ok and amazing a couple of other cars have stopped. My pants are torn , but my BDUs (fatigue pants, cammo pants) have done a pretty good job as the knee has a double layer. Wrist is sore, knee, head a little bit too.

Bike is scrathed a lot. No pegs, no levers broken or bent, indicators etc all working order. It starts and runs ok. No leaks. Yay I can ride out of here, so no police report (and likely ticket too).

The other bloke offered to give me a lift, but I decide to ride on to the base as there’s a hospital there anyway. He does follow along behind as far as he’s going, in case I change my mind. Really nice of him to do that.

Next day I’m fairly sore, but I’ve really escaped again. Got a couple of grazes on my knee, that the medics cleaned out and dressed. Wrist and head ached a bit, but that’s gone now. So nothing broken (I have a habit of not noticing broken limbs for few days – no idea why, but on two occasions I’ve had broken limbs only to think them sprained (once arm, once leg))

The bike will be off the road for a few weeks I guess, for insurance and repair. Back to bus/train for a while.

Gotta kill my resale – this is my advertisement if I was to sell 🙂

2004 VFR, Over 100,000km. Crashed twice, dropped once more, some minor scratching. Ridden in all weathers and left out in the rain several times. Always serviced. Comes with very scratched topbox.

But I love it (and all realtionships have ups and downs) and won’t be getting rid of it. Has got the Mrs nagging a little though.

Author: Mabaho

I'm a married dad who likes to ride my motorbike and if I ever find the time, to play computer games. This blog started out as just WoW, but has moved onto a whole lot of different things.

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