Sunday. Home. Guild. Flex.

WoWScrnShot_020214_205529It was Sunday. I was in Canberra before 8pm. Guild. FLEX.


I have no idea who that is. I have no idea what I’m doing, I know I died here at some point. And my DPS was just barely more than Navi, who was healing.

So the guild carried me through wing 1 and wing 3(?) and a few bosses. I didn’t make the end of the second wing, I was too sleepy. It had been a late night Saturday at home, a long day and a few hours on the bike.

But I went in at about iLevel 430 and came out at 469! Picking up a new back, shoulders and hands, I was pretty happy with that.

I died a few more times. But we kind of expected that.  One bit I really got sick of was all the small mobs around the Valley of Strength in Org. They just seemed to never stop.

Apart from that, it was great to get a chance to play with the guild. I certainly won’t be raiding seriously with them, my DPS was less than 1% of the top 3 or 4 DPS combined. Orders of magnitude smaller… and I was doing about 5K more than I had before! Yikes, I guess that’s the effect of a 50-100 point iLevel difference.

I don’t think I’ll make next week, I expect to be a little late. But I look forward to raiding again soon and catching up with the guild as well.


yup, dead again


Ok, I’m 90, now what?



So I started out hitting up some quests and it all seemed pretty easy on Timeless Isle. Then the chain began, Kill 50 Elites and Kill 5 Rares. That sounded easy until I tried it…. it’s kind of embarrassing being slaughtered by a pink stork.

So I tired the Turtles and that was worse.

I didn’t even go near the others, they were 91 or more Elites.

It was also busy and I’d be setting up to tag a pink stork, laying out totems, letting the doggies out, casting Lightning Bolt… when someone would come past and tag them.

I did manage to kill Evermaw as I was stuffing about.

So off to guild chat for some pointers about Timeless Isle. With some tips I managed to get a few pieces of gear. I also ran several Scenarios and 5man Heroics. These didn’t get me much gear, but the JP and VP helped me buy some more stuff. Hopefully I can be back here in time on Sundays to run Flex with the guild too.



And in other big news, Dasal arrived. I changed her name to Magdasal, so almost the same. Close enough that I was happy.

WoWScrnShot_012314_214900Once again, McTacky gave me a lift to The Shrine, picking up a bunch of flightpaths along the way. And then back to the start of Pandaria to start the levelling all over again.

Das is going to run Shadow for a little bit, then I might go back to Holy and run through some dungeons. That’s how she levelled before and it will be a challenge to do it again.


DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah :)

WoWScrnShot_012114_192548And there it is folks, 90. Of course, it wasn’t just a merry wander from 89 to 90. My last WoW post had me questing in Valley of Four Winds, when I realised that as I was so close to 90 and these zones were for lower levels, I was doing myself a disservice by continuing here. I bravely set out to find my way to other zones. Better xp.

WoWScrnShot_010214_225234Exploring as I did, I discovered some interesting sites, and took some concerning journeys.

WoWScrnShot_010214_063543I disturbed this little guy, I really didn’t want to bash in his head, but he wouldn’t quit. WoWScrnShot_010214_224718

I scaled some more walls.WoWScrnShot_010614_063052Eventually found myself in the Dread Wastes helping out the insect guys. Awakening several of their elders in an interesting chain of quests. I may go back and finish these.


This soon had my bags full and a friendly guildie (Thanks Mctacky) kindly gave me a lift to the Shrine of Two Moons. It would seem that in my haste I had abandoned a quest chain that would have led me to the city on Pandaria. Here I found a bank and emptied or sold all the assorted items I was holding. This all happened in the days before Fiji and last night.WoWScrnShot_012014_200802Tonight, with 15% to go, I spent some more time running quests for the Insect guys before a hand in put me over the line. And Mabaho was 90! About two months for 5 levels.


Now this is a cool pair of fist weapons. Pity they’re just temporary.

But what to do? Well first up was to head to the Shrine and pick up flying. 2500G, I remember when that would have been an enormous sum for me. The general improvements in everybodies’ income these days meant it was a simple click.
WoWScrnShot_012114_193239And I was flying again. So the next challenge was to gear up. The suggested Timeless Isle and so a quest later I was on the shores of this unusual zone. I wandered about doing some quests, generally staying out of the way of players and the multitude of Elites. I’m still scarred from the old Vanilla days when Elites were scary, vicious, brutal opponents, not just a bit tougher, maybe have to fight for twice as long as they are now. But it seemed I just wandered merrily about, as other players killed all the mobs and I just found and opened treasures full of purple gear…. Hmmm, Timeless Isle seems a good way to get started!

So what about tomorrow… I wonder if I can slip into a guild run of something.

And then there was one



I found a village beset by some kind of insect race and helped out. Part way through they sent me into a misty grove to talk to a martial arts trainer. Obviously I had some work to do as he easily tossed me halfway across the grove.


This egg looked just a LOT suspicious.

I killed a few more horror creatures and stole some eggs. I also smashed some wooden and stone beams and eventually I passed his training.

The bird from the big egg returned.

The bird from the big egg returned.

And I dinged 89. Navi reckons the expac might be out April-May time. So I have one level to go, about a week of holidays here then weeknight evenings free, I am quietly confident I’ll be 90 by the expac. Now whether I’m still in quest blues and dungeon purples, we’ll see. Maybe I can get in some flex raids or such with the guild post 90. That’d be a big boost for me into the Warlords of Dreanor.

Of course, then there’s Dasal and Mabango. to work on. I’m still questing in Valley of the Four Winds, there are about 3 more zones to quest in so plenty of content not yet covered.

Tilling in the Valley

WoWScrnShot_123113_074403I started off this morning with some gardening. I had decided not to do any reps, and certainly have no plans to set up a farm. However this morning I decided that the quests were probably pretty painless and would be valuable XP.

So I worked in the farms around Halfhill. Watering plants, clearing out vermin, and other farm related tasks. At once stage I was being severely beaten by some vermin (their Ankle Bite was a killer) when I realised my weapon enhancements had expired. Oops. A renew of these and it was better. The Ankle Bites still hurt though.

A variety of quests followed, killing moths and other various creatures.


Lurking like a crocodile

I abseiled down a cliff to fetch some hops and fought this ugly beast. Horror is a good name.

WoWScrnShot_123113_074626Though he went down pretty easily. Not long after that the servers went down and I found myself wandering an empty land. I must say that it has been years since I’ve had that happen. It wasn’t my connection as the internet was still working, and the Armoury app on my phone couldn’t connect either.

I haven’t quite made 89, about 15% to go. Except for the uncertain effect of several other RL commitments, I am pretty sure I can make 90 before the end of January. Hopefully before I start back at work on January 20.

Happy New Year all – enjoy the evening however you choose to celebrate it.



Time to Study Up

WoWScrnShot_122713_235309Okay, so I’ve been back a month and things are bumbling along quite nicely. I’m at about 88 and 1/2. But after a few runs in 5mans, I’ve noticed that my damage, while not low, is a significant step below others in my run. Of course, there are all of the gear factors and that some in the runs are different levels. However it is a consistent step behind. I realised that I am likely missing some steps in my rotations – I am playing the same rotation that I was using in probably about WotLK. As a solo quester, it didn’t really matter too much as long as I lived.

So time for some study…. but where to look. I checked through much of my blogroll and couldn’t really find Enhancement Shaman. An initial look at WoW Insider (Totem Talk) and there was screens of Resto articles.

A little more digging and I found some details. Then this morning I was updating Flipboard with the blogrolls and stumbled across World of Saz. Now I’ve had her blog bookmarked for a couple of years, but only at the 15 Days of Screenshots challenge page. This time I read the header… Shaman, Guides. And it became quickly evident, she was a long time Enhancement Shaman player! And she had put together some very thorough guides on the spec.

So after some reading I am not surprised that I have been running my Shaman all wrong. No really, not just a little bit, but almost all of my rotation needs to be changed. A big one is the working of Fire Shock. I’m still sort of stuck in the mindset of about 4 years ago, when it was kinda nice to have a DoT, but not really used. Now, it’s about the core of what my rotation needs to be.

But it’s not just the rotation. Some of the changes that were made just as MoP launched (you know, when they redid the entire Talent System etc) haven’t sunk in. Things like the Fire Elemental, he’s no longer a 20min cool down, down to 5mins. That means you can bring him out much more often. Which I have been, but not as much as I could.

Other changes I was working around, like my laziness in dropping Totems. Ever since they eliminated the mass drop spell, Call of Elements (and Ancestors and Spirits) I’ve generally only used my fire totems to add damage. I haven’t really needed the others during questing. In fact in most single quest mob fights I don’t bother with one at all.

So I need to sit down and restructure my keybinds for a start, across the keyboard and the Naga. I’ll then need to get a lot of practice in – well that’s what the next 1.5 levels are for. It will take some time to break the old habits, but I think if I can get the keybinds setup right it should work out.

And then I hope that the missing damage step will not be quite as large.

Shado-Pan Monastery


I had a few hours on my own this Boxing Day, with the girls out with friends. So another chance to hit up some LFD. By hitting 88 I had opened up a couple more dungeons, and after about a quarter of an hour, Shado-Pan Monastery popped up.

It was obvious from the first trash mobs that it wasn’t going to be as smooth sailing as the other runs, these guys were tougher than the other two dungeons. Being my first time and it being tougher, screenshots were few and far between

Gu Cloudstrike, the first boss, and the only fail I had was not realising I had to switch to DPSing the Serpant. I did figure it out and switched targets. I picked up a great chest piece off him.

Next up Master Snowdrift.

WoWScrnShot_122613_174138After fighting some acolytes, it wasn’t too bad, just annoying chansing the boss all over the room.

Next we headed to the Sha of Violence. Someone decided we should run past the mobs – that just brought the lot of them into the next building on our tail. Death quickly followed.

I did get a little lost at this point, trying to get from the entrance back to where we where. Turns out I kept going out the wrong door – I had assumed the doorway behind me led out of the dungeon.

The Sha was just a DPS slugfest, only having to dodge it’s spikes occasionally.

WoWScrnShot_122613_180304Last boss, Taran Zhu proved much tougher. I think we were probably well geared, but not highly geared to fight him. I also think (myself included) not all of us were familiar with the fight. The hate bar wasn’t so much of a problem as the Gripping Spheres were. I certainly didn’t understand the implications of them until in between the 2nd and 3rd attempts I read up on it.

The third attempt, although long, wasn’t too much trouble. I focused on the spheres whenever I saw one. We still got grabbed a few times, but not to the extent of the previous attempts. Eventually (and it did seem like eventually) we ground him down.

So achieve for the run and two more gear pickups from the quests. Happy with that. Also pushed my xp bar about a third on to 89.

Two to Go

WoWScrnShot_122413_104226Mabaho was bashing these spirits when, ding! Yay, 88 now, just two levels to go. Some more interesting quests too. An odd one was this rolling the stubborn panda home.



A bit of exploring (Water Walking Spell) and I passed this beast, shelling a nearby village. A bit indiscriminate?

WoWScrnShot_122413_064735I also had another look into the Stormstout Brewery as Chen tells us his story.

WoWScrnShot_122413_102556So it’s been an interesting morning.

Merry Christmas Everyone, hope you have a relaxing and fun holidays. Stay safe if you’re driving anywhere.




Into the Valley

WoWScrnShot_121613_111716Questing has moved from the Jade Forest into the Valley of the Four Winds. Seems to be full of farmers struggling to get ahead with all these vermin (and explains the crazy mutant kangaroo rabbit from the 5man into the Brewery) infesting their land.

But it didn’t stop with them – they also have to contend with wolves and eagles. 

WoWScrnShot_121713_194605So Mabaho has become something of a pest control expert. The questing is going well and hopefully if I can get on today or tonight I should make 88 as I only have a bar or so to go. I’m grateful for the xp boost that seems to have occurred – makes it much less of a grind, and I don’t feel like I’m missing the story either.

This must be the first sort of mixed faction zone as I’ve started to bump into Alliance toons questing as well. Caught a challenge once, but Mabaho doesn’t go in for that sort of thing.

Gear continues to upgrade, the quest rewards are upgrades from the last zone, so everything is being replaced again. But I guess that’s par for the course at this point.



WoW – Enter the Dungeon(s)

WoWScrnShot_121613_082623Questing continues – somehow I dinged 87 at the end of the other night and didn’t notice, so started the evening with a happy surprise. Caught a ride on another dragon to the top of Serpent Overlook. Had been trying to figure out how to get here the other night as I noticed a flightpath marker so I ran around the base looking for a way up, to no avail. I guess this is one way up :)

My arrival lead to a cutscene with Horde and Alliance charging at each other when the Serpent the Pandarians had been carving toppled over, letting this beast out.



And that’s where I left it last night. This morning I logged in, with the whole day free and no one else at home :) I’ve been on holiday for almost 10 days and this is the first free day I’ve managed.

Anyway, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t attempted any of the dungeons – what a perfect opportunity to get into a couple of LFD runs. With the expac well underway I would expect to run with experienced players and their alts. Perfect for me.

LFD popped quite quickly and I found myself in The Jade Temple again. WoWScrnShot_121613_084340

Though everyone was a little angrier. The little girl was suddenly a confused priestess, the library was overrun with random things and the Jade Serpent had been replaced by the Sha of Doubt.

My first run went pretty smooth. I remembered to avoid purple spots on the ground, water gushing on the ground and spinning jets of water. So I didn’t die – I’d like to thank the rest of the party for that, lol.

Two runs through there and I picked a couple of upgrades, though most mail had int and spirit. Presuming things haven’t changed that much, I’m still looking at agility as a primary.

Next we ended up in Stormstout Brewery. This was amusing. we had Hozen’s partying.

WoWScrnShot_121613_091538But I did follow the wrong set of mobs and ended up locked out of the boss fight..

WoWScrnShot_121613_091508I had thought the tank was leading a bunch of Hozen down the stairs, I think they were just fleeing.

Then there was the insane kangaroo rabbit beast…



And last a was Beer Elemental. Alementals, lol. I expected to be drunk part way through this fight…

WoWScrnShot_121613_092453This had me floating about in a bubble – I’m not really sure why

WoWScrnShot_121613_092653I will say that having added Deadly Boss Mods the other week when I was trying to get my UI back up and running was a good idea :)