Bula Fiji

Well we farewell Fiji early tomorrow after an awesome holiday. Mrs Mab has had a fantastic birthday, the girls have had a lot of fun and had some new experiences. We all had some great food and time to relax.

The Fijian people have proved just as friendly as their reputation says. I might not remember anything much from my last visit 30 years ago, but I hope it’s not another 30 before we visit again.

As a tech aside – I brought along an Airport Express as the room has free internet on Ethernet, but no wifi. Any router would have done the same but the small size and the iOS management tool made it an easy run. So Mrs can do her Facebook and Words with Friends and happy wife, happy life :)

Okay, but where’s the coconut juice?


We left yesterday to spend a week in Fiji, a family holiday that coincides with Mrs Mab’s birthday.

Enjoying the beach life so far, some things are a little expensive if you stay on the resort but there are plenty of options outside as well.

It’s warm but not as hot as Sydney, more humid though. But not uncomfortably so. We’ve turned the aircon off in our room – too hard to adjust to outside if we keep it on.

The girls are having a great time but we’re all a little more redder than I had hoped. Oh well – more suncream is the only thing to do.

Strangely we’re having trouble finding coconut juice. Really weird because I can see them hanging from the trees around us. If only I knew how to get up there….

When we get home I have only a couple of days before I must finally start my work in Canberra and we see how the family copes split apart. I’m sure wife will be fine. I hope the kids make it easy.

Canberra IT – Change of Plans

ChangeMrs has directed that the iMac comes to Canberra with me – surprised actually, I hadn’t expected to be allowed to do that, hence all the other plans.

So I’ll take the iMac and the NAS, and the PS3. The router can stay here as a colleague rightly pointed out, when you sign up for a new internet connection (as I will need to) you’ll get a router anyway.

Am having to move everything back to the NAS though… a small pain. And that leaves them with no library here so I will need to install a serious sized HDD in the PC here to put the iTunes library on….. well maybe just the kids movies would be required. That’d fit on the SSD currently installed.

Might still get another screen for Canberra and perhaps look at getting the PC later. With the OSX changes to multiple desktops, having 2 x 27″ screens would be pretty awesome. And the PS3 can be the TV through the other one when needed. With the money saved, I can look at an Adobe subscription, a WoW subscription and a new pushbike.

OH! I have actually found a place that meets all of my need and want list and much of Mrs list too. I have a double garage, its a few minutes from work. She has a nice modern townhouse with a couple of bedrooms, and somewhere for the kids to go play nearby. Moving day is in a couple of weeks. But I won’t be living there until next year.


\o still here

heroesA bunch of dad things have kept me off the computer so not much gaming going on – in fact I don’t think I’ve played since my last post. I did travel the other week and discovered that my Borderlands Save game is stored locally, not on the server. I didn’t feel like starting a new character so that didn’t work out.

My friend passed the old Heroes show to me. I remember watching some of it years ago, I thought I had watched a fair bit. Turns out I watched half of season one, and the first episode of two.

Been engrossed in that in my spare down time – that means less to talk about on here. Sorry :)

I’m Moving.

Canberra Sunset

Canberra Sunset

It had to happen eventually, its the nature of my employment that we move occasionally. I’ve been pretty lucky managing to stay in Sydney for almost 10 years. But my luck has run out, and I’m being relocated to Canberra after Christmas.

On the plus side, its sort of a promotion and an unexpected positive career move. On the minus side, we are quite settled here in Sydney, with Miss 6 enjoying school and friends and Miss 3 in a nearby childcare. Mrs has been working steadily at her job too, and would like to stay. And then there’s the house we are currently building…..

So from a home situation, we’re a bit undecided what arrangements we might go ahead with as there is a strong desire to remain in Sydney, while I work in Canberra and commute home as often as I can.

Big strain on a family, living apart, but so is living somewhere we don’t like – not that Canberra is bad, it’s sort of my home town, but like I said, we’re pretty settled here.

So stay tuned as we decide which direction we head in.

Surgery over. Recovery begins

Just a quick note. Had my surgery today. Seems to have gone well but I guess the doc will tell me in the morning. I haven’t had a crash, or other accident. Developed a hernia about three months ago.

So fixed hopefully and I can get back to my forest running and my riding, and playing with my kids again without concern.

Once it heals of course :)

What has Miss 5 learnt in School?

Miss 5 completed her first year (Kindergarten) in school this year… amongst the reading, writing and maths she also learnt that a snack should be left out for Santa and his reindeer, so they’ve piled off to bed but not before some milk, cookies and an apple were left out.

Not sure how all the reindeer are going to split one apple, but never mind. Maybe Santa will share his cookies?

Merry Christmas everyone. (yes I know I said it a couple of posts ago as well)

My Dad

This is way off topic… but I’m so proud of my dad.

He’s now 68 and today he’s just finished this bike race… the Whaka 100. Its a 100km single track mountain bike race held annually in Rotorua, NZ. It took him 9h 47m (he planned on 10h). I don’t think he won, even in his age group, but that doesn’t matter to me (or him I imagine).

I can’t guess how tired he is right now, but that’s an amazing thing to do. Awesome work dad :)


USA Holiday – Last post

We made it home. The girls were great sleeping almost the whole way home. I’ll go back through some of the older posts and add some more photos but apart from that, the holiday is over.

Of course that will have to wait until our phone line and subsequently the Internet connection gets fixed. 😒

Update: almost 2 days later, and still no phone. Okay so the first day was a Sunday, but still!